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Timeline section is where you can see all the posts from all Tuurnt users. It’s a collection of Tuurnt’s and Lifestyle’s that can be watched jointly or individually by selecting one of the 3 tabs!

tuurn Up crew

Shows you activity among the users that you are currently following. It will display their photos and videos in your feed. It makes it easier to keep track of what's going on with your crew on Tuurnt.

Reply to a Tuurnt

You have 24 hours to reply to Tuurnt by attaching your own photo or video before the Tuurnt expires. Each participant will have one reply each to the video sequence.

frature phone Image


Share a compilation of your day, by uploading photos and videos. Friends can participate by leaving comment’s or like’s. All users will have 24 hours to upload before the Lifestyle disappears.

Favorite users

A new feature that lets you pick up to 5 friends to become your “favorite”. It makes easier to interact with them within the app. Your favorite is located in the explore page, it’s only accessible to you no one else can see your favorite.


Tuurnt message lets you chat with one or multiple friends in a group chat .


Reply to your friends photos and videos!

Create a photo or a video and choose if you want everyone or just the people you follow to reply to it!

create a tuurnt

Show your lifestyle

lifestyle Image

Introducing LifeStyle.

Create a photo or a video and choose if you want everyone or just the people you follow to reply to it!

24 hours LifeStyle

Tuurnt Parties

Create Tuurnt Party

Fill out the description of your party and the time the party starts. Pick a location,upload photos of your party, helps guests get a sense of what your party will look like. Share it with the the Tuurnt universe!

Search party in real time near you

The app will find your location via GPS and show you a map of nearby parties. The users will have full access to the description of the party and the review of the host or the venue of their choice.

Book tickets

get access to all your parties reservations , past and present.

Tuurnt party

Tuurn Up

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Fabrice Mishiki is the CEO and founder of Tuurnt app. He wanted to create a social media app to help connect friends together in a way that hadn’t been done before. He created Tuurnt.

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Tuurnt connects you with friends with some unique social tools

The app starts with your traditional social sharing system. You take videos or photos and post them. Your friends can reply with their own videos and, if you get enough responses, The video stays up forever!

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